You Need To Know: Amanda Palmer

Being an up and coming website can have its drawbacks. The worst of which being not working with every band you dream of working with [at least not right away]. So, even though I have no real news to post, we need to discuss Amanda Palmer. For those of you familiar with her work or the Dresdon Doll [of which she is a member], this post won’t interest you much, but those looking for new music or simply artists who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and create “outside the norm” pop music, Amanda may be right up your alley. Her 2008 release, Who Killed Amanda Palmer is a startling display of grandiose talent on multiple musical platforms. Palmer weaves elegant and at time funny tales into gorgeously created music and simply leaves you feeling fulfilled in your listening experience.

Check her out:

Also, as an added treat, her hilarious video for the awkwardly funny “Oasis:”

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