50 Cent and Eminem album in the works?

An Eminem and 50 Cent collaboration is just a rumor at this point, but at least one of the pair has gone on the record saying he’d be interested in doing it.

50 Cent told MTV last week that he’d “love to” work on an album with the Detroit rapper. The two rappers have featured each other on their own albums, the most recent collaboration being on Eminem’s “Crack a Bottle,” but for their fans, a full-length collaborated album would be an istant classic.

MTV.com, July 22: “We haven’t [seriously] discussed making an album together, ’cause we would have to sit collectively and create each song,” [50] said. “Unless we was doing something where half of it was his and half of it was mine. And conceptually, maybe if he came up with the first six songs and I built the last six songs and we just featured on each other’s records, you know what I mean? We’d do that in a heartbeat.”

Whether it happens or not, 50 Cent just announced he’ll be paying a visit to Eminem’s hometown on September 11. The Royal Oak Music Theatre is one of just five stops on a national tour to promote his new book “The 50th Law.”

courtesy of MLive.com

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