Weekly 5 with Antennas Up!

Weekly 5 is our attempt to get more coverage for more artists. Doing interviews and even moreso scheduling them can be difficult, especially in the busy summer tour months, so to give bands opportunity for coverage when our schedules don’t meet too well, we’ve developed: The Weekly 5. This is a top 5 list any any topic the band chooses that is meant to let you know more about them in a new way. Feel free to comment with your opinions.


This week we are joined by Antennas Up as they give us their Top 5 hottest video game characters pre 1990…

5. Princess Zelda – Zelda II: The Adventure of Link –
(http://www.ganonstower.com/z2e5.gif) – This one is nice and easy, I
mean look at how she’s stretched out on that sarcophagus. Those
monochromatic red and pink tones. When I was 6…I wanted nothing more
than to adventure through a sub-par Zelda game to awaken her
(Uppercut/Downward Thrust, anyone?).

4. Ms. Pac-Man – Ms. Pac-Man
– Most people say the thing that makes Ms. Pac-Man so hot is the
lipstick and bow. Personally, I think the real deal maker is the
beauty mark. I mean…wow.

3. Samus – Metroid –
(http://sydlexia.com/imagesandstuff/nes100/metroid.png) – I know this
is somewhat of a cop-out, since any list featuring awesome characters
is going to feature her, but can’t you see why? You play this whole
awesome sci-fi adventure through lava and ice (and those stupid
floating things that you have to shoot to freeze…). All of a sudden,
at the end of the game she takes off her helmet and HOLY CRAP I
THOUGHT IT WAS A DUDE! What a twist!

2. Tyris Flare – Golden Axe
– Is it just me, or does anyone else always pick the female characters
in games cause it’s awesome?

1. Q*Bert – Q*Bert –
– I don’t think I need to say anything….

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