Kid Cudi Acting Career?

G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cudi is shifting his sights from the music world to the realm of acting, as Cudi will have a lead role in a new HBO series.

“It’s called How to Make It in America. It’s produced by the guys that did Entourage,” revealed Cudi to the Arizona Republic. “Mark Wahlberg is the executive producer. It’s directed by Julian Farino, who also did Sex and the City, several episodes of that and The Sopranos, and Entourage. I have a lead role. My character’s name is Domingo Dean. I actually named my character after both of my brothers – Dean, who lives in Phoenix, being one of them, and Domingo.”

In spite of his career, Cudi wants no part in being typecast due to his music.

“It has no reference to my music. It was important to me early on to branch away from music and actually do something outside my comfort zone,” elaborated Cudi. “When we were developing my character with the writers, I was telling them, ‘Man, I don’t want to be anything that has to do with music,’ just because that’s not really acting.”

Although he’s begun a career in acting, Cudi’s debut Man on the Moon: the End of Day is still scheduled to be released September 15, and will feature The Clipse, Common, Kanye West and Snoop Dogg; production will be helmed by Kanye West, Just Blaze and

courtesy of HipHopDX

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