Fun. – Aim & Ignite

funalbumcoverArtist: Fun.
Album: Aim & Ignite
Genre: Pop
Label: unsigned

If you’ve had your ears open to the scene for the last six months, you’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Fun.’s debut album, Aim And Ignite. However, if you’ve been in the dark, Fun. is the collaborative project of Nate Ruess (former lead singer of the now deceased The Format), Andrew Dost (ex-Anathallo), and Jack Antonoff (of Steel Train). After their co-headlining spring/early summer tour with Manchester Orchestra, I’ve been one of the legions of people who have anxiously awaited each song as the group slowly releases their glory, one track at a time, to the world.

Have no fear though, Aim And Ignite is everything you imagined it would be and more. Each song on the album is a magical and explosive adventure for your ears. The opening track, “Be Calm”, starts off with a hauntingly beautiful with strings, an organ, and haunting vocals. It then explodes into a full orchestral fireworks display of emotion. Instead of the cliche breakdown you have come to expect from artists in recent years, the song instead builds up with each verse, keeping you enthralled and on the edge of your seat.

As the album progresses on, tracks such as “Benson Hedges”, “All The Pretty Girls”, and the lead single, “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)” are addicting bits of pop-laced gold. Without a doubt, Fun. reminds the world how to write an amazing pop song with depth. The second single “Walking The Dog” tells a stories of summer love and wondering why it never lasts, perfectly timed for the album’s August release.

The final track on Aim And Ignite, “Take Your Time (Coming Home)” cries out in agony, reminding listeners to revel in the moment and not to forget to wear your heart on your sleeve. As the track picks up speed and reaches it’s musical climax, Nate wails “If you love somebody, you better let them know”, with a thunderous turn back into the chorus. Yet again more proof that this group can write an album and not just a single. 

Without a doubt, this album is my pick for the album of the year for 2009, and possibly the decade. Fun. proves it’s still possible to create a masterpiece of emotion and cram it into a brightly colored package for your listening pleasure. It’s been years since an album you can put in, throw your headphones on, and fall into every track has been released. And needless to say, you won’t hear anything in the same vein as Aim And Ignite for some time to come. If you don’t pick up this album on it’s August 25th release date, you’re doing yourself (and your music library) a disservice.


**Written by Laura Haggard**

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4 Responses to “Fun. – Aim & Ignite”

  1. jakob says:

    i am so excited for this album i hope the hype is worth it

  2. Megan H says:

    im so excited for this album, actually, twice as excited after reading this review. i cant wait!!!!

  3. jaarona says:

    (t)he(y) even used a theremin!!! great record. lovin it so far.