RIP Baatin — Van Ark Reaches Out

I had the Pleasure to meet and know baatin as a artist and a friend..i met him through a mutual friend in detroit by the name of leaf erikson.. he was a good brother i got to know personally and his mother as well..he was a good person who cared about people and would share his knowledge and wisdom..i the memories i have of baatin is when i came to detroit and he showed me so much love and him and i was sharing our music with each other..and showing me all the slum village photos over the years and then he had this radio cassette deck and he was playing a song with him emceeing and it was one of my beats i had sent him for his album that he was working on…i never felt so honored to have hear that..i am grateful to have worked with musically, and to have known Titus Baatin Glover not just as a artist but Titus the Caring Guy that he was that loved people …and I send my love his mother and the rest of the glover Family.. We will miss you Titus..
Van Ark..

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  1. I will always be a Slum Village fan.I will always miss Baatin.I will be a sad SV SOLDIER.I was glad he was back with the group.The new CD will be a classic,SV FOR LIFE!!