Tim Williams to release sophomore album, Careful Love, digitally

NYC singer-songwriter Tim Williams is poised to release his sophomore album, Careful Love, digitally on October 20, 2009 via Dovecote Records (Ed Harcourt, Mason Proper, Trevor Giuliani). Careful Love falls in line behind the release of the “I Hit Another Wall” EP and “Murderous Air” single and is Williams’ first full length since 2007s acclaimed When Work Is Done. “Murderous Air” was recently featured on the CW series One Tree Hill and both “Murderous Air” and the “I Hit Another Wall” EP are available via iTunes.

Careful Love chronicles Williams’ battle between life and death, joy and pain. Following the release and touring around When Work Is Done, Williams’ frail heart required intensive surgery where his left pulmonary valve would need to be replaced. After agonizing months of planning, Williams underwent the painstaking procedure in the summer of 2008, which left him in recovery — physically, mentally and emotionally. Enduring an event of this magnitude inevitably makes its way to expressions in Williams’ songs. Using the surgery as his muse, Williams penned “I Hit Another Wall.” “I wrote the song as a reminder of how lucky I was to make it through,” he explains. “It was physically the most painful experience in my life.”

In the midst of Williams’ physical healing, he was also dealing with perils of a long-distance relationship. He wrote all the songs for Careful Love within a week upon returning home from his first trip to Los Angeles. Williams recalls, “Having lived in Brooklyn for such a long time prior to moving to Nashville, I was programmed to hate the sun soaked city. I was still recovering from heart surgery at the time and was trying to get over the feeling that all the work they did inside me would somehow unravel causing an emergency trip to a hospital or worse.” Instead, Williams fell in love with LA and those thoughts were almost immediately removed from his mind. Williams penned six songs that would find their way onto Careful Love, packed his bags and moved back to NYC, to be close to family and the doctors who saved his life.

Careful Love boasts ten tracks, all which flow effortlessly together both musically and lyrically. Williams’ auditory diary brings you into his journey over the past year, chronicling the range of emotions he experienced throughout this tough time. From the head-bobbing pop opener, “I Hit Another Wall,” to the dark, beat-driven “Ozone Street,” the twangy “All In,” to the crooning “Murderous Air,” Williams’ pop sensibilities bob and weave through the rollercoaster ride that is Careful Love. The album was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Dave Lynch. Pre-production began at The Light Garden studio (owned by Shana Levy of Let’s Go Sailing) and was completed at The Ship (Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart’s studio,) both located in Eagle Rock.

The video for “I Hit Another Wall” was filmed in Detroit, MI and directed by Hott Garbage.

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  1. Harry Richards says:

    The new Tim Williams song and video is wonderful. Who’s the kid with the red tie getting drunk? He’s great!