Consider The Thief go on hiatus

From the group’s Myspace:

Dear Friends,

Two months ago, we were at a crossroads. Personal conflicts and lack of collective motivation pulled us in every single direction, stretching us thin. Either we sacrificed our friendships and moved forward with the business of music for the sake of success or we walked away knowing that we did the right thing, all while able to enjoy the work we’ve done and the ability to cherish each others futures. To say this was a difficult decision would be a vast understatement, but we feel it’s for the best. 

Here’s what it boils down to: Dryw and Zack will be the only remaining members of the Thief for the time being. They’ll continue to write and record music. Dryw will be working with bands in his studio ( and is currently booking for the rest of the year. 

As for the rest of us, Lucas is working towards a career in graphic design and is looking for other bands to play with. If you’re looking for an incredible drummer, email him at Jordan is writing songs of his own and living in downtown Sacramento while he works at S-bucks. If you want to recruit Jordan, email him at, dude is an awesome guitar player and a great guy. Sean will be joining another band soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that. 

We love you all, thanks for all of your support. A full list of our thank yous can be found at September 15th @ Club Retro w/ In:Aviate and Dr. Manhattan will be our last show as a complete band for an indefinite amount of time. Contact us for presale tix. We’ll be liquidating our merch and we’ll have some of our good friends on stage with us. Come say “goodbye for now” to the three of us!

Consider the Thief

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