We Shot The Moon to release a new album in october

WE SHOT THE MOON–the piano-heavy indie rock four-piece–will release their sophomore LP A SILVER LINING October 27 on Minneapolis-based label Afternoon Records. The group, who logged more than 300 live dates in 2008, will launch “The Silver Lining” headlining U.S. tour September 3 with support from Mansions and The Record Life on the West Coast and Lights Resolve and Destry on the East Coast.

WE SHOT THE MOON is led by former Waking Ashland frontman JONATHAN JONES and rounded out by TREVOR FARIS (drums), ADAM LOVELL (bass) and JASON DE LA TORRE (guitar). According to JONES, the band specializes in “quirky rock” that’s layered, thick, and replete with ambient noise, and it’s for that reason “we fall through the cracks, which I think, ultimately, is a good thing. We don’t fit in to the super-indie hipster crowd. We’re not gimmicky–we’re real.”

A SILVER LINING–the follow-up to 2008’s Fear and Love–was produced by Mike Green (Paramore, Waking Ashland, The Matches). The album’s first single, “Red Night,” is something of a departure for the band, as it’s admittedly the edgiest song on the record. “The guitars get right down to business,” JONES enthuses. “It’s very overdriven, and that’s new for us. It’s a complete rock song, with more guitar riffs. In the past, the riff stuff was done more on piano, so, it’s us branching out, and going in a slightly different direction. I think it may hint at the future sound of this band…depending on what the response is.” A SILVER LINING contains 11 tracks, and the standouts include the aforementioned “Red Night,” “Should Have Been” and “Woke Her Up,” which JONES says most people will relate to since it tackles those moments in life when maybe we’ve second-guessed our decision or direction. “It’s one of my favorite songs on the record,” JONES explains. “I’ve never been so honest in my writing, and I hope, through the honesty, our audience is really able to connect.”

Following is the complete track listing for A SILVER LINING:

1) Miracle
2) Woke Her Up
3) Should Have Been
4) The Bright Side
5) Come Back
6) Red Night
7) In Good Time
8 ) A Silver Lining
9) Amarillo
10) Amy
11) Candles

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