Thom Yorke: “All For The Best” Cover

Source: Pitchfork Media, Tom Breihan

“All for the Best”, Thom Yorke’s gorgeous contribution to the tribute/benefit album Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy, now has a video. Rolling Stone premiered it earlier today. The Melinda Tupling-directed clip is an interesting throwback to the “120 Minutes” days, when every arty clip had some narrative that you couldn’t quite make out. This one has beautifully photographed people wandering around in a daze and, at one point, almost getting run over. Also: skulls! And mysterious doors to nowhere!

Also, some music dork trivia: According to Rolling Stone, the Miracle Legion cover’s luminous multitracked harmonies aren’t multitracked harmonies at all. Thom sang the song with his brother, Unbelievable Truth singer Andy Yorke. It’s the first time those two have ever appeared on a song together.

Ciao My Shining Star drops September 29 on Shout! Factory. As previously reported, “All for the Best” is also out right now as a super-limited 7″ single on Mulcahy’s own Mezzotint label.

Rolling Stone‘s got the latest video for the song.

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