Review: Protest The Hero “Gallop Meets The Earth”

Artist: Protest The Hero
Album: Gallop Meets The Earth (CD/DVD)
Genre: Metal
Label: Vagrant Records


1 Sequoia Throne
2 No Stars Over Bethlehem
3 Bloodmeat
4 The Dissentience
5 Palms Read
6 Blindfolds Aside
7 Goddess Bound
8 Goddess Gagged
9 Spoils
10 Nautical
11 Limb from Limb

Protest is back! Finally! Protest has returned in 2009 with an intriguing live performance CD/DVD package for all of you fans out there. The set is called Gallop Meets The Earth and let me tell you that seeing is believing with this metal quartet. These guys went balls-to-the-wall for recording this special occasion in their hometown by having a multitude of camera angles to catch the extreme shredding. From every vantage point of the band you can watch and feel the crowd’s energy throughout as they gaze into a sea of screaming fans. Filmed at the Sound Academy in Toronto, Canada, PTH demonstrates why they are widely recognized for being tremendously technical in every aspect of their band. Since this is a DVD focused package I will direct my attention on the live performance and extra features as opposed to the live cd section.

Starting off with the second single off their follow-up album Fortress called “Sequoia Throne” they rip through with nothing short of perfect guitar work. The intro of the song quickly building towards a screeching first verse from the man of the hour, Rody Walker, whos stage presence is felt every time he touches the mic. He surely doesn’t have to do any backflips or pumping the crowd up for them to already be highly intrigued with their sound. Heading right into “No Stars Over Bethlehem” and keeping the energy up they chug and guitar solo their way through a trio of tracks off of Fortress that simply astonish the crowd.

The only downfall of the entire package deal was that the performance was shot in regular production quality as opposed to High Definition. This could have benefited the people watching by cutting down the time they have to spend squinting at the TV trying to depict the current scene of the band. This is just a minor flaw but doesn’t affect the overall outcome of the DVD so much.

The reason I enjoyed Gallop Meets the Earth is for the fact that PTH added in all of their music videos to the set as a bonus! All of which have tremendous production value. The next entertaining aspect of Protest the Hero’s DVD is the live documentary portion which follows the band the whole day before the show starts. Moments of hilarity ensue with classic goofing off antics and beer drinking activities we are used to seeing from these guys. This definitely adds to the lighter side so you, the viewer, are engaged with PTH’s lifestyle for a day.

Here are some of the awesome bonus and video features you get when you purchase this set:
• Director’s cut with documentary of the set and the whole show day
• All Protest The Hero music videos
• Whistler Outback ski adventure video
• Four live tour videos cut overtop of studio audio tracks
• “Wake And Funnel” beer adventure bonus feature
• “Stop Moshing” bonus feature piece
• Protest The Hero show rider access bonus
• An angry letter from a fan

I highly recommend picking up this CD/DVD package whenever you get the chance because it is great!

Score: 8.5/10

Written by Grant Trimboli

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