Album Review: Michael Buble – Crazy Love

Crazy_LoveArtist: Michael Buble
Album: Crazy Love
Genre: Pop
Label: Reprise

In our efforts to always expand our coverage, some of you may have noticed Mr. Buble popping up on our site a lot as of late. Personally, his new age brand of “big band pop” that many liken to the golden days of The Rat Pack and more importantly the career of Frank Sinatra, but I figured with all the hype and his more than long standing career, there must be something special to it. So, out of sheer curiosity, I decided to take on reviewing Mr. Buble’s latest offering, Crazy Love and the results are, well, a bit unexpected.

Now I’ll admit that I went into this review with my guard up quite a bit. I wasn’t going to be swoon by a passionate voice over a large accompaniment, no, I wanted more. I’ve known what Mr. Buble does best for awhile, it’s apparent in his staying power, but I wanted to see if he had appeal to those outside his genre. Did he give the extra 5% needed to take on the masses?

The answer was astonishingly clear by the time I finished Crazy Love: Yes.

The record doesn’t start off with this conclusion however. Early on Buble sticks to the classic formula of mixing the lounge pop craze of the 40’s and 50’s with modern pop elements, but then “Crazy Love” begins. Entering with the simplicity of a John Mayer number, Buble’s voice doesn’t feel as large as normal, but more meager and earnest. He uses his emotions to sell you and a heartwarming story to seal the deal. It’s at this point that I was totally on board with Michael. He had surprised me and I was willing to dig deeper into the album.

The soundtrack to seemingly every moment of romance ever can be summed up on, “Haven’t Met You Yet.” It’s too orchestral for top 40, but the real music fans will cling to it. Likewise, “Hold On” will most likely be making the rounds at every wedding you ever attend that features people with an ear to the music world. Think a Randy Newman pop classic with the twist a singer with a crooked smile and striking good looks. The total love song package.

Outside of the more modern pop, Buble astounds with a very laid back rendition of “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You” and brings out a festive feeling with the help of Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings on “Baby [You Got What It Takes].” Not really my cup of everyday tea, but definitely a musical treat that fans of the genre will latch on to.

At the end of the day, no one with any educated taste in music can deny the great skill of Michael Buble. His vocals melt your heart, whether male or female, gay or straight, it’s a fact. However, on Crazy Love, Buble also exposes more of his soul and emotion than I’ve ever heard from him before and the result is one of the most well rounded album from his style of music that I’ve heard in a longtime. There are moments on Crazy Love that are breathtaking, others toe-tapping, and still others heartwarming, but no matter the temporary feeling, you’re always entirely captivated and that’s the true sign of a great album.

Score: 8/10

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