Bob Dylan’s gotta new track

Up until now, mustaches were just about the only thing Bob Dylan has had in common with TV cop shows. But on the November 3 episode of the CBS procedural drama “NCIS”, we’ll hear our very first taste of a long-unreleased Dylan song called “California”.

The song comes from the same sessions that produced Dylan’s 1965 acoustic/electric transitional classic Bringing It All Back Home, but it’s been unheard since then, sitting in the vault for the better part of a half-century. Maybe if they’d had “NCIS” back in 1965, we would’ve heard it a long time ago.

“California” will also appear on “NCIS”: The Official Soundtrack Album – Volume 2, due November 3 from CBS Records. The compilation will also feature exclusives from folks like Norah Jones and Joss Stone.

In other WTF Dylan news, Christmas in the Heart, Dylan’s Yuletide album, comes out tomorrow on Sony.

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