Flaming Lips tear it up at Treasure Island Music Festival

Courtesy: SPIN Earth

The two-day Treasure Island Music Festival came to a climatic close with an eruption of confetti, costumes and Wayne Coyne, as the Flaming Lips performed a giant sized sing-along to their hit “Do You Realize??” with a sold-out crowd.

Their hour and a half set was riddled with robots, fuzzy dancers and the most notable songs from their over twenty-year career. Wayne serenaded the crowd to hits like, “She Don’t Use Jelly,” “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,” and “Race For the Prize.”

Also, Wayne expressed his love San Francisco and christened the performance an honorary homecoming for the band that formed in Oklahoma City in the early ‘80s. Wayne joked with the audience about taking over the man-made island and over populating it with “freaks,” an endearing term for fans of the neo-psychedelic band.

The Flaming Lips’ performance was truly enjoyed by anyone in earshot. The festival ended in a way that every festival should end, with the Flaming Lips blowing everyone’s mind.

Check out this live footage of the Flaming Lips playing a very rare version of “Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear,” off of 20 Years of Weird: Flaming Lips 1986-2006, which acted as a soundtrack to the 2006 Flaming Lips documentary The Fearless Freaks.

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