Mika Miko calls it quits

Courtesy: August Brown, Los Angeles Times

In sad news for telephone-microphone hybrid fans everywhere, the L.A. art-punk quintet Mika Miko is calling it a day. The group, known for its breakneck rhythms, trashy guitar riffs and the slumber-party romp of its dueling vocalists, will wrap up their career after playing Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Festival and, according to a band representative, a last 7-inch single and a show at the Smell.

“There’s no bad blood at all, we’re all still really good friends” said guitarist Michelle Suarez. “We’ve just been a band since high school and all of us are ready to move onto different things. We started the band for fun and wanted to end on a positive note.”

The breakup comes at an unexpected juncture for the band, as they just released their rambunctious full-length “We Be Xuxa” a few months ago, and Smell peers like No Age and Health have become thoroughly international acts. But Suarez cited returns to school, new projects, jobs and relationships as things that being in a touring act might thwart. “We finally realized it was just taking too long for us to make music,” Suarez said. “And business-wise, everything is so hard to coordinate.”

Plans for a final L.A. show and the last single are still “up in the air,” said Suarez, but there should be a final occasion to hear their serrated punk jams about turkey sandwiches in person. Below are some video highlights, including their gig with No Age at the downtown L.A. public library.

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