Check out the new Shearwater Song


Jonathan Meiburg is an artist ahead of his time, titling Shearwater’s most recent release Snow Leopard well before Apple could get their paws on it. That said his band’s next release seems to recall the past instead, at least according to Matador, who offer up a free MP3 and promise that the forthcoming Golden Archipelago LP “recall[s] opuses like Kate Bush’s Hounds Of Love, Hüsker Dü’s Zen Arcade and classic Pink Floyd.” Over the Palo Santo and Rook LPs Shearwater’s filtered the atmospheric dynamism of Talk Talk and the instrumentation of baroque indie outfits to increasingly refined results, all while turning a lyrical eye to ecological concerns; to that end “Castaways” could work as a soundtrack to a flyover montage in a Planet Earth type doc, less structurally progressive than rousingly anthemic. The new LP comes with a 50-page perfect-bound book of JM’s dossier featuring pictures and details from the “Falklands to Madgascar”and “the Bikini Atoll to the Tierra Del Fuego,” and it’s first shot is fit for the start of said safari.

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