Circa Survive whole discography on vinyl

DEC 31 – Equal Vision Records have announced that the entire Circa Survive discography has been pressed on vinyl, limited to just 1,000 copies each.

The first, available for pre-order now on, is a 7″ of b-sides on clear vinyl with a hand-stamped label. All proceeds from the b-sides 7″ will benefit the recovery of Trent Jacobi who was injured in October 2009 while on tour with Fear Before.

Over the next two months, On Letting Go, Juturna, and Inuit Sessions will be available on 12″ vinyl. On Letting Go features translucent blue with black swirl vinyl within original CD artwork packaging. Juturna is pressed on translucent green with white swirl vinyl and features original CD artwork. Lastly, The Inuit Sessions vinyl is pressed on light pink with an etched b-side within original CD artwork.

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