You Need to Know: A Lot Like Birds

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Who: A Lot Like Birds
Sacramento, CA
Indie Rock/Experimental
For Fans of:
The Fall of Troy, The Sound of Animals Fighting
Currently Playing: Plan B
LISTEN: “Hallows or Horcruxes”
[audio: 02 Hallows or Horcruxes_.mp3]

A Lot Like Birds is a troupe of seven kindred yet wildly different souls from Sacramento, California.  Founders Michael Franzino and Michael Littlefield, multi-instrumentalist and bassist, after growing out of respective ska and punk rock scenes, collected an eclectic group of musicians from miscellaneous genres and projects: originally intended as guests on Michael and Michael’s debut album, “Plan B,” Cory Lockwood, screamer, and Ben Wiacek, guitarist (of post-hardcore project, Discovery Of A Lifelong Error), Athena Koumis, violinist (of folk-rock project, Life as Ghosts), Juli Lydell, vocalist/keyboardist, and Tyler Lydell, drummer (of experimental-folk project, The Dreaded Diamond), one by one, all unexpectedly became integral units of the project, banding around the Michaels.

I first came into contact with ALLB through an email sent to me by one of the Michaels. Now, I’d say an average week at UTG finds us buried in at least 25-30 unsigned bands sending pretty much the same “hey, we’re good, please put us on your site” emails and while we do listen to every one, very few tend to live up to the grand build up the email suggested. The email I recieved from Michael however, was much more loose and friendly. There was no search for a handout, but rather an invitation to hear an album he and some friends had been working on. Blown away by the easy-going nature of the record, I went ahead and put on their record, Plan B, with no expectations and an open mind. What came through my speakers and later [many, many times] my headphones, was/is one of the most profound efforts of underground experimental rock I’ve ever heard. Over the course of it’s 9 tracks, Plan B manages to encapsulate nearly every facet of rock and roll with ease and skill. No two songs sound the same, yet everything flows and the instrumentation will surely leave you with your jaw on the floor, heavy from trying to withhold the gallons of drool each and every guitar lick/sax solo/and drum pattern brings about.

Music on any kind of epic scale is not exactly America or the world’s cup of tea, but for those who get it, it’s considered an art form. If that the case here, I think A Lot Like Birds may just be the Rembrandt we’ve all been waiting for. Luckily for all of you, the band has made their debut record  FREE FOR DOWNLOAD on their Myspace [link below]. Here’s my advice: Download it, find the finest pair of headphones you have, light a few candles, kill any room electric lighting, and allow yourself to be absorbed in this record. You won’t regret or forget it.


-James Shotwell

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  1. Uhseena Mutter says:

    You guys Rock!

  2. I don’t know if I totally agree… But, you do have a decent argument.