Ryan Tedder shares his journey in the music business

OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder is no stranger to the difficult process of making it in the music business. The singer/songwriter/musician/producer recently blogged about his personal journey in the industry and shared many of the obstacles he’s faced along with the tricks he’s pulled along the way.

“I would call the complaint hotline phone #’s on the websites of record labels,” Tedder explains. “When the ‘complaint department’ would answer I would say ‘I’m sorry, I must have been mis-connected to you, I was being connected to the human resources department. They would then reconnect me to the actual human resources department (who’s #’s weren’t ever listed) and I would tell the receptionist I was returning a call from the head of the department… Eventually Dreamworks (Universal music) hired me (for free) to come work in their Nashville publishing department.” Nearly ten years later, after landing that summer internship, Tedder is just wrapping up an international tour with OneRepublic in support of their sophomore release, Waking Up.

Read the rest of the blog to find out more about Tedder’s story, and be sure to pick up the highly-acclaimed Waking Up on iTunes today.

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