Manchester Orchestra drummer quits

Courtesy of Alt.Press:

According to this interview drummer Jeremiah Edmond has decided to leave Manchester Orchestra. Edmond explains his decision:

“Basically, there were several things building up to it. The most important one on a personal level would be that I was getting burnt out from being on tour constantly. I’ve been married for two years, and I’ve spent a majority of those two years away from home. [I’m] ready to finally build a life with my wife at home. Support her more than I have been. She would never ask me to [leave] the band and has always been supportive, but for me on a personal level, it was being ready to be home.

And then on a professional level, I had been so busy on the road constantly touring that there as just no way for me to give Favorite Gentlemen the attention that it needed to get to the next step. I felt like I wasn’t able to give artists like Kevin Devine and All Get Out the attention they needed to get their releases off the ground as much as they could be. I feel great about how they’ve done, especially Kevin, but I felt as though they could’ve done even more. If I could focus full time and really give it more attention, and there is just no way to do that with the tour schedule that we have.

So I really had to look at what it would take to get to the next step with Manchester [Orchestra] and what I would have to to sacrifice to get to the next step. For me, those things didn’t balance out. It would mean sacrificing more time at home and sacrificing taking Favorite Gentlemen to the next level, which has really become my main focus and my main passion more so than playing drums. Once I really balanced that out in my head, it just made sense to take a step back.”

Filling in for Edmond on the band’s upcoming headlining tour will be Brand New drum tech Ben Homola as well as Colour Revolt drummer Len Clark. The band have no permanent replacement lined up currently.

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