Pete Wentz responds to rumors about missing Patrick Stump’s solo show at SXSW

Rumors have been circulating online that Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz intentionally skipped out on frontman Patrick Stump’s solo performance a couple nights ago night at the South By Southwest Music Festival. However, Wentz took to his blog to tell his side of the story.

Wentz said:

“Sucks that I feel like i even have to address this, but i have had so many people hitting me up about that i will. people saying i left austin before patricks show or was there and just didnt go. first off: i was in a completely different part of texas the night before last san padre (sp?) djing a spring break party (spring break wooo!) and then i flew to dallas to meet my family and fly home. i was in austin at south by southwest a week ago and flew home the night after i hosted an event. even if i had been in austin i would not have gone to the crush showcase. why? not because i wouldnt want to see all the bands (young veins and patrick included). but because i think the media would have scrutinized me being there- like i was still trying to steal patricks spotlight, like i was trying to make it about me (theres a reason im not sending this through twitter- this is for the fans). while all the shit going on with fall out boy is hard for me. i completely support the other guys musical endeavors. we were friends before the band and we will be after. i think its ridiculous that the media keep trying to pit us against each other. i got the chance to watch the show on cruddy youtube quality video and it still looked and sounded great to me. im okay being made out to be the villain. maybe i am even the villain. but dont make it seem like i hate one of my best friends.”

Fall Out Boy are on hiatus while each member works on different projects. Stump is releasing a solo album; guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley are in the Damned Things with members of Anthrax and Every Time I Die; and Wentz is currently at work on some sort of collaboration with ex-Chiodos frontman Craig Owens.

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