Review: Paper Tongues

Artist: Paper Tongues
Album: Paper Tongues
Genre: Fusion Rock
Label: A&M/Octane Records

It is a nice refreshing change to leave the typical music that surrounds me and escape into a trance of different talent. Nice, smooth, relaxing, and just making you want to throw your feet up, forget about everything, and just slip away. Paper Tongues is a seven-piece club/rock/alternative band that has been under the radar until they were discovered by MTV and Randy Jackson. Now just because they were mentioned on MTV doesn’t mean that they are just another sell out band that made it big. Matter of fact I guarantee almost no one has even heard of Paper Tongues. Their self-titled album is breath taking from start to finish and offers an escape that people long to look for.

Paper Tongues is too soft to be considered mainstream rock where you would see 35-year-old single moms dancing out at their concerts but at the same time too hard to be considered indie to most people. It’s a solid mix of guitars and synth rock to bring out a true sound that is uncommon to find. This fusion helps bring together multiple talents to the forefront and blend different styles together to get that perfect, relaxing sound that people want to find. The two best examples of this are the songs “Trinity” and “What If.” Their single “Ride To California” is a solid mainstream rock song that will be a hit on radio when Paper Tongues finally gets noticed and people realize that they have talent.

What really impressed me about this album was the vocal range of Aswan North. It is a pure sound that doesn’t have a limit to the range that he can hit. All of his notes are clean and the transitions are smooth and flawless. Another great attribute of the band are the two different kind of key players; Clayton Simon on synthesizer keys and Cody Blackler on rhode keys. These combinations of different key players add a completely different element to the band and really bring out the sound of each song.

Paper Tongues is a great band that is yet to be noticed and to show off their talent to the world. They are a sleeper band that has enormous talent with a new genre of music that has great potential. So if you are looking for a new band to fill that void of new relaxing music that you have been looking for, look no further than Paper Tongues, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Their debut self-titled album hits stores March 30th on A&M/Octane Records, go and pick it up and have your mind blown.

Score: 9/10

Written by: Matt (Hurricane) Haines

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3 Responses to “Review: Paper Tongues”

  1. Semaj says:

    I’m not sure “new relaxing music ” is a compliment but I do dig this band. ‘Ride is to Cali…’ is stuck in my head :)

  2. James says:

    album is not really that good..there might be like one good song on there just because every album has one. His vocals are okay but not that good…and performance was lame when i saw them open…