Lannen Fall Breaks Up

A Message straight from the band:

Hey Everyone,

I’m assuming most of you have noticed the lack of shows on our page lately and have been wondering what is going on. I’ll do my best to explain without being overly wordy.

We are completing our 5th year as a band this June. We’ve met some really amazing people and played some awesome shows all over the country. This year was a rough one for me personally after losing my voice and also our bass player of 4 years leaving the band, but we pulled through it with Danny coming in to sing for us, and Kyle coming in to fill in on bass. We put out a new EP, played a bunch of shows and did a few tours up through this past November. After we got back home from tour we did a lot of talking about our future as a band and what we were going to do next. We came to the decision that it is time to end the Lannen Fall chapter of our lives. This was a mutual decision and there are no hard feelings among any of us. As much of a bummer it is to let something go, we’re all really excited about what is to come in the future. We will all still be playing music for sure. Check back here over the next few months and we promise to keep you up to date on any new projects.

With that said, we’d like to thank anyone who’s ever came out and supported us, believed in us, helped us, etc. You made these last 5 years amazing.

We’ll be playing two last shows:

Sunday May 30th @ The Brick House in Dover, NH w/ Too Late The Hero, The Sophomore Beat, Linden and The Narrative

Sunday, June 13th @ Middle East (Downstairs) in Cambridge, MA June 13th, 2010 w/ Too Late the Hero, Stay, The Blue Pages and View from an Airplane.

We will have some special guests joining us as well so we hope you can come out and help us go out with a bang.

Once again, thank you to everyone and a special thank you to Danny Rinaldi and Kyle Ray for everything over these past 8 months.

See you soon.

-Jay, Ryan and Matt

Lannen Fall

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