Slash Talks Axl’s Lawsuit, Velvet Revolver Comeback

Last week it came to light that Axl Rose is suing former Guns N’ Roses manager Irving Azoff for $5 million— partially in response to Azoff’s own $1.9 million lawsuit against Rose for unpaid management fees.

Now, Guns N’ Roses’ former guitarist, Slash, has voiced his opinion on these legal conflicts. Slash told VH1 Radio, “I don’t even know what that’s about. I don’t know where Axl is coming from. I mean, I know where Irving is coming from— he’s looking for commissions for a tour that he booked. [It’s a] pretty reasonable kind of thing. Axl’s countersuing, so I’m not sure exactly what the merit is that he’s countersuing, exactly. Anyways, I don’t keep up with that. I don’t follow it.”

It bears mentioning that Azoff also once managed Slash’s other former band, Velvet Revolver. The legendary guitarist also recently spoke to Spinner about the differences between his split with Guns N’ Roses and his later split with Velvet Revolver—who Slash says aren’t actually finished playing together.

“It’s definitely not like the Guns N’ Roses situation, which is fucking deep and nasty,” he said, “this is no big deal.” He also added, “We’re going to reconvene next year, look at the singers again, and try to find the right guy to make the most bitchin’ Velvet Revolver record.”

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