Review: Bad Rabbits – Stick Up Kids EP

Artist: Bad Rabbits
Album: Stick Up Kids
Genre: pop/soul
Label: Unsigned

After waiting for what seems like ages, Summer is finally here. Sweatshirts are ditched for tank tops, jeans for shorts, boots for flip flops, and the hunt for the perfect soundtrack is on. This year, look no further than Boston’s own Bad Rabbits’ EP, Stick Up Kids. With their catchy 80’s instrumentation and even catchier vocals, Stick Up Kids is guaranteed to liven up any situation.

The Bad Rabbits infuse a unique blend of 80’s pop, soul, and funk, to create a new genre they call “New Crack Swing.” Getting their start as iconic British rap royal Slick Rick’s backup band, Bad Rabbits have developed their retro style by drawing influences from the original Def Jam Records crowd to Motown to Michael Jackson to Sly & The Family Stone. Don’t worry though, this isn’t your parents’ music rehashed and cut up for the next generation. Bad Rabbits put a fresh spin on a fresh genre, creating insanely catchy hooks and beats everyone from Cobra Starship to Justin Timberlake would be jealous of. Lead vocalist Dua Boakye sings his hardest on every track, his falsetto always pleasing, never ear-piercing.

The EP starts out with the overly catchy “Booties,” acting as a precursor for all the good times that are going to be had with this album. “Neverland” is a real anthem for the current generation, repeating the chorus “No, I’ll never grow up,” placed atop an inescapable groove. “Girl I’m Like Damn!” is sure to be the breakout single on this EP, not only because Travie McCoy lends his trademark vocals, but because it has a great beat that begs to be played on the dance floor. Really though, the whole album makes you want to get up and move.

It’s very hard for me to find a flaw in this album. Some may feel the lyrics are lacking depth, but what more can be expected? The Bad Rabbits make fun club hits and feel good grooves, not heartfelt indie poetry. It’s all about the vibes. A lot of bands out there today trying to capture the 80’s magic fall very short compared to Bad Rabbits. This band appears to have done their research on this one.

In short, Stick Up Kids is one of the most versatile albums to come out so far this year. Whether you’re hanging out at the beach, the mall, poolside, getting ready to go out, or dancing the night away, Stick Up Kids will never fail to set a feel-good mood. It doesn’t matter if you’re into Indie Folk or Deathcore, talent is talent and can be recognized by all.

This will definitely be the soundtrack to my summer, and will remain so for many summers to come.

Score: 9.5/10
Review written by: Chelsea Pickett

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