B9 and PBC on Warped Tour

So the punk rock summer camp otherwise known as Warped Tour starts today in California and we have our favorite road dog, Chris Hayslett, slingin’ B9 merch all summer long. If you’re going to be attending any Warped shows this summer, be sure you stop by our tent and say hello to Chris. We’ll be giving away download cards exclusively at Warped for our new 17 song sampler CD (check out the track list below) and we’ll have CD’s, stickers, buttons, shorts, tank tops, shirts and more for sale (with some items available only on Warped Tour).

*Please note that the photo above is not actually from Warped Tour, but from our rooftop where we set up the tent to see how it’d look. We’ll have TONS of merch and the mannequin busts will not be naked, contrary to what you see in the picture. Just look for the high-flyin’ B9 flags and come see what we’ve got!*

Chris will be keeping everyone up-to-date on where he’s at, what he’s doing, and who he’s making fun of all summer long via the B9 Twitter, so if you’re not following us already, you probably should because I have the feeling Chris will be posting some hilarious stuff.

We also have Polar Bear Club playing the whole first half of Warped Tour – check out the dates they are playing here!

1. Polar Bear Club, “Living Saints”
2. Ceremony, “Sick”
3. Cruel Hand, “Cruel Hand”
4. Underdog, “Frontside Grind”
5. Crime In Stereo, “Drugwolf”
6. Defeater, “The Red, White and Blues”
7. Agnostic Front, “Victim In Pain”
8. Strike Anywhere, “I’m Your Opposite Number”
9. Ruiner, “Dead Weight”
10. Soul Control, “Cycles”
11. Dead Swans, “Ivy Archway”
12. Death Before Dishonor, “Peace and Quiet”
13. H2O, “Nothing to Prove”
14. Mother of Mercy, “Inside and Out” (courtesy of Six Feet Under)
15. Lemuria, “Pants” (courtesy of Asian Man Records)
16. Foundation, “Pray for Atlanta” (courtesy of Six Feet Under)
17. Energy, “Walk Into the Fire”*

*previously unreleased

You can pick up a copy of the new sampler in the B9 Store with our new Summertime Package Deal (see below) or get a free download card from Chris at the Warped Tour!

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