UTG is headed to the Boston Independent Film Festival

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me clarify that UTG is attending the Boston Independent Film Festival, not presenting or premiering anything. As much as we’d love to have a UTG doc, I think we’re still YEARS away from that reality (but it has been discussed).

Anyways, our own James Shotwell (Editor/Founder/Host of UTG TV) will be attending IFF Boston next week (April 27-May 4) and bringing you all the latest on some of the biggest new films related to music. It doesn’t stop there though! James will also be live tweeting (click here to follow him), as well as writing about all non-music related films for our movie-based sister site, The Body Count.

If you live in the Boston area and want additional details on how you can attend the festival, click here. Everyone else, click here and tell us what films you think we should feature!

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