REVIEW: Falling In Reverse – The Drug In Me Is You

Artist: Falling In Reverse
Album: The Drug In Me Is You
Genre: Scene Rock
Label: Epitaph

Finally, the return of Ronnie Radke has arrived. Following a ton of legal issues, accusations of stealing from his former band and fans, and that whole prison thing, Radke has returned to the stage with a group of Escape The Fate stand-ins that help form his latest project, Falling In Reverse. Packing a sound that feels like pulled out of a time capsule from 2008, The Drug In Me Is You is here to remind us what fools us ex-scene kids were and (hopefully not) usher in a new era of emo-glam-rock.

We all make mistakes when we are young and choose to do things that we will later laugh at and try to hide from our own children. For me (and many of you I’m aware), being a part of the quote/unquote “emo scene” was one of those times. Tell All Your Friends had welcomed me into the scene and Hawthorne Heights pulled me into a rabbit hole that took years to escape. Near the end of that time, Epitaph signed and delivered a band I then thought were phenomenal, Escape The Fate. Their debut EP showcased a wealth of post-hardcore/emo promise, which then became fully realized on their full length. The band toured for the first time outside of Vegas and started in my hometown of Grand Rapids, which I of course went nuts over, and then quickly became everyone’s new favorite group of make-up clad sad kids.

Everything quickly fell apart for Radke soon thereafter. He battled drugs and rumors of theft constantly, the lawsuit that would lead to his incarceration became public, the band kicked him out before essentially abandoning him, and all he had to show for it was a lengthy incarceration with just him and his thoughts. Many took to their favorite forums and personal blogs to cry out for Radke’s freedom, even writing laters and making hate videos for the other members of ETF, but this all eventually fizzled down to a select few devotees while the rest of us simply moved on or found solace in one of the many other glam-rock infused scene acts that arose in the following years (Escape The Fate’s new lineup, Black Veil Brides, etc.).

Now Radke is back and unfortunately, my love of the scene is not. While we spent the past couple years growing as a music community and his core audience found new bands to follow, Radke has been in a small room with limited access to the outside world and his thoughts. During that time, from what I can tell after listening to The Drug In Me Is You, Radke apparently worked and reworked and reworked and reworked (you get the idea) songs he had originally hoped would be on the second Escape The Fate Album. Had this been the case and had Radke never went to jail, this album would be the greatest record to hit their niche market in years and would probably propel them to a new level of “fame,” but that’s not the case instead, what we have is possibly the most dated new album of the last half decade.

From beginning to end, The Drug In Me Is You works best as an example of what can go wrong when you over think your craft. Cliche, over-sexualized lyrics and references to the drama with Escape The Fate will surely raise more than a few eyebrows on initial listens, but as a whole, this record has the depth of an empty kiddie pool. Everything is grandiose and over-produced as if this were the mega-rock record from radio’s finest, but even that can’t hide undeniably bland and flat everything falls.

The Drug In Me Is You is a complete and utter disappointment that those still able to cling to the past may still be able to enjoy, but only for a short time. Stream it online and forget it. The rest of us probably already have.

Score: 4.5/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

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25 Responses to “REVIEW: Falling In Reverse – The Drug In Me Is You”

  1. Akim says:

    totally agree with this review, the album is a failure in failures. Ronnie should stop putting make up on get into a real band rather than a bunch of over-sized emo kids

  2. Erik Wood says:

    While I do agree with some parts of the review, I am semi-impressed with their guitar work. Ronnie’s vocals sound right at home, the lyrics…definitely haven’t grown. Cliche is the word. I myself have moved on to many other bands, and coming back to this brings out that kid I used to be. I will say, it’ll get a few listens from me, but it’s not revolutionary in ANY fashion. Overall, a hair harsh, but mostly spot on review.

  3. Max says:

    You’re a faggot. Go suck Craig’s dick 

  4. Umad? says:

    Why you mad bro?

  5. Danitanzo says:

    They should get someone without bias to review any album…

  6. Danitanzo says:

    I mean, “The rest of probably already have.” … How can I take this review seriously :P  And as much as I would like to hear about your life in the scene (NOT), can you actually review the album…

  7. Duckduck says:

    This review sucks. Why talk about the past? Ronnie would never been in jail that you would suck his dick for this album.

  8. Alexander Zaragoza says:

    You’re fucking tarded. This albums great. It’s a little diff than I expected but moreover, Ronnies still got potential for big time stardom

  9. Akuxroku813 says:

    IMO: Falling in Reverse is doing an epic job of blowing the new Escape the Fate lineup out of the emo-kidd water.  Just sayin.
    Ronnie’s vocals were kinda fail when FiR was starting up.  But at this point, his unique voice is back up to par and making my heart throb just as it’s meant to.  The music feels like a fresh look at something we’ve all seen before.  It’s music we can fall into easily without getting bored of it too quickly.  Personally, I’d rather that than my favorite vocalist try something completly new and utterly fail at it.  We all know what songs are gonna be the most listened to on my cpu.
    So go ahead Ronnie, kick some ETF ass.  I’ll be behind you all the way. ^_-

  10. Goose says:

    “Why talk about the past?” HE JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL… 

  11. David Cubine says:

    Hey now. Tell All Your Friends is a great album, miles above Hawthorne Heights or any of that BS.

  12. Rbaskette says:

    This review is bogus! This album rocks & is so full of energy & emotion, I can’t believe we were listening to the same songs. It is totally current, and shows genius, not rehashed anything. I highly recommend this album. I love every song!

  13. a1staek says:

    I dislike this review. Falling in Reverse is everything Escape the Fate could never be, and that is being a great band. 10/10

  14. kwood4234 says:

    this album is amazing i don’t understand how you think it is not, so what that he gets revenge escape the fate on, only raised by wolves, tragic magic and caught like a fly have anything to do with escape the fate, the deserve it and even max green said that they deserved what ronnie says on this album, every member of falling in reverse is talented, ronnie’s vocals have gotten a lot better, they have a kick ass drummer, there bass player is a beast, and there guitarist are absolutely amazing. Why even bring up the past? A lot of people are comparing the drug in me is you too dying is your latest fashion and i don’t understand why, there two completely different albums, the only thing that is the same is ronnie. I think ronnie has grown as a song writer and a musician, i’m not saying this just cause ronnie radke is my favorite musician im saying this cause all of this is the truth.

  15. Darren says:

    Don’t call this review shit just because you like the album, many music experts thought the album was bad, pretty sure they are more qualified to say it sucks than you are. Of course if you like it listen to it and make up your own mind then go ahead.. but don’t say it is a bad review.

  16. Airezzix says:

    A Real Review

    Ronnie Radke’s album with Escape the Fate, when going back and listening to it now, was shallow and “kiddie pool.”
    This new album however, with Falling in Reverse, is a door, since Ronnie’s come out of jail. Ronnie is re-realizing what he can do. He’s realizing what friends were real and which will abandon him, like the above reviewer did. He’s realizing alot of things. His lyrics are so much more real to him in this album. And you can tell.
    His style may not have completely changed, but there are many artists who do not change their style with the times. They don’t want to be sell outs. Just because a few fans change, doesn’t mean how they wish to express themselves does. For him, it should be about his music, what comes out of his heart. The music is, however, much more dimensional than his previous album.
    In my opinion this album was a door with lyrics that, unlike Ronnie’s ETF album, meant something much more real and devastating to him. It will lead to more growth for him and his band, and even better albums. His talent is undeniable. He is going nowhere but up, now that drugs have left the picture.
    8.5/10 Stars

  17. Airezzix says:

    The reason this review is bad is not because it rated the album badly. It is bad because it didn’t base it off of anything. Not the music. Not the lyrics. Not really. It doesn’t say anything that sounds like a music expert said it.
    It based it off of time.
    Off of the fact that people move on and he still has the same style. Well of course he does.
    It says that the Falling in Reverse Album is kiddie pool, when in fact we all now the Escape the Fate album with Ronnie was twice as kiddie pool, and he is indeed making progress as an artist, though he had the jail setback.

  18. Bliss says:

    you like Hawthorne Heights but not Falling in Reverse?

    why the fuck does the website allow you to utter such nonsense on their page..

  19. idgaf says:

    You kids are such tools this album is garbage and any “real” musician would tell you this. You’ll understand once you hit puberty and decide to stop dying your hair

  20. Cookie_monster_luvz_cookies says:

    this review totally sucks ass, there is a reason why this album is so hardcore and so goddamn awesome….it all comes from experience, maybe if ur “real” friends betrayed you and u get locked inside a cell, maybe u could write something so damn good….

  21. Bradleyyyyyy. says:

    I really don’t think anyone over the age of 16 cares about Ronnie Radke and this “band.”

  22. SpreadLegsNotLies says:

    I don’t dye my hair, or wear skinnies, or wear make-up, or straighten my hair constantly, so does that mean I’m a scene/emo kid?
    Does that mean I “haven’t hit puberty” yet?
    Far from it.
    I had a full goatee Freshman year in high school and was 5’11”.

  23. Trimbog says:

    Do you want a cookie?

  24. Jbhazard1 says:

    coming from a person who’s name consists of the words “cookie” and “moster”

  25. Kristanm07 says:

    Completely agreed! This review is BOGUS!