REVIEW: Design The Skyline – Nevaeh

Artist: Design The Skyline
Album: Nevaeh
Genre: Scenecore
Label: Victory Records

A few months ago, I wrote a review on a new Victory Records band, The Bunny The Bear, pretty much just talking about how resoundingly awful they are, and furthermore, how resoundingly awful Victory Records has become; tumbling from titans of the music industry, down to simple comic relief while they try to regain their footing, and attain some legitimacy once more. Unfortunately, it’s not really working out too well for them, instead of slowly building up their roster with up and coming superstars like that did nearly a decade ago, they’re signing bands that I can’t imagine would be appealing to much of anyone. The most recent, and most embarrassing of these abysmal signing decisions is Design The Skyline, a band that, as far as I can tell, doesn’t have any actual fans, just people that think their music is hilarious; simply too awful to be hated. Which is really unfortunate, I’m not quite sure how a label can develop a band like Taking Back Sunday, and then suck the bottom of the barrel, and turn up with these guys, but such is life I suppose. I can only hope that Design The Skyline’s apparent lack of a fanbase or any general appeal whatsoever, will spell a quick and somewhat painless demise for these guys, so Victory can take this as a lesson learned, and move on to, one can hope, better things. If Nevaeh is anything to go by, I think my prediction will end up being fairly accurate, I simply can’t imagine anyone enjoying what I can only describe as a “my-first-crabcore-band” album, a compilation of the most basic elements of metalcore’s redheaded stepbrother, that is not only blindingly dull, but neigh on unlistenable as well.

I suppose I’ve already made my opinion on the merit of this album quite clear; it’s not any good. I knew this before I listened to it, and I suspect most people reading this drew similar conclusions. The thing is, Design The Skyline isn’t a very good band, that isn’t really a surprise to anyone, but what most won’t think about, is how horribly cliché and predictable this album is. It’s painful to listen to musically, to the point where it’s downright hilarious, but during the first track on the album, “Crystal Swords Kill The Hordes” I said to myself during the intro swell, “They’re gonna start with a breakdown.” Check. “…Then they’re gonna breakdown the breakdown.” Double check. If this weren’t so easy, it would be entertaining. It’s not like they’re following a good formula either, first off, if you start not only a song, but an album, with a breakdown, you aren’t breaking anything down, simple as that. And furthermore, if they are breaking down a breakdown before they have any actual verse or chorus, they’re doing something seriously wrong. And of course, all of this doesn’t even begin to touch on the actual musical quality of this band, or lack thereof, really. The screams sound like a Deathcore vocal cover on YouTube, and the synth tones sound like they were factory presets from an early-90s Casio. The drums are very obviously programmed, and really quite bad, the guitar parts are awfully contrived, and the tones are muddy, and the clean vocals are just an incoherent, auto-tuned mess. I could really go on all day if I didn’t feel like I wasn’t just going over things I’m pretty sure everyone already knows. And I’m afraid that’s really all there is to say about this album. It’s not even worth listening to for comedic value, just don’t bother.

Of course, I’m fully aware that there is oftentimes a stark difference between a good band, and a band that will make money, as unfortunate as that is. But so far as I can tell, Design The Skyline fits neither of those roles, instead they have become the punchline of every scene-band joke of the past six months or so. I guess the real question here, is who should be more embarrassed about this travesty of a band, Design The Skyline themselves, or Victory for trying to bring them into the spotlight. Victory Records may have brought us Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends but at this point, I’m not even sure that makes up for trying to sell their fans something at this caliber of terrible.

Reviewed by: Mike Hogan

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15 Responses to “REVIEW: Design The Skyline – Nevaeh”

  1. Thedevilstwins says:

    Every generation needs and Anvil 

  2. Subscarab says:

    As WRONG as your TBTB review was (Seriously, get the band members right for fucks sake) and how you did not like that they were (god forbid) trying something new, this band is shit for real. Theyre using an already established genre and fail at it cOmpletely

  3. Matthew L. says:

    “It isn’t any good. I knew this before I listened to it”

    I stopped reading at that point and realise you were a shit reviewer.

  4. UMADBRO? says:

    Are you like 12?

  5. D Stewart VVR says:

    “wah wah wah my opinon doesn’t matter” that’s what you should have said.

  6. Foreverunchanged says:

    This album is not bad, you and everyone else just hate them because of the prejudice you gained out of one song. I love how simple and fucking pathetic people are. Quite funny, actually. 

  7. Oli says:

    Im sorry but you are so shitty reviewer….so shitty, you deserve to have rating -100/10…..

  8. Mike Hogan says:

    Sorry you didn’t like it, I received a lot of positive feedback from this review, so all this really proves is that people are entitled to have their own opinion on everything. For example, you think I’m a “shit reviewer”, that’s you’re opinion, and you’re allowed to have it. I think Design The Skyline is an awful band, and that is once again, my opinion, and I’m allowed to have it.
    -Mike Hogan

  9. Mike Hogan says:

    You could be right, but that one song was their supposed “break” into the national conscious, and if it was so terrible, but it still managed to get the go ahead from the band, the producer, the label, and everyone else it had to go through before it was released, then it was obviously a legitimate attempt at creating something good. And honestly, I don’t think this album is much better. But once again, that’s my opinion. I fail to see what’s pathetic or funny about it though.
    -Mike Hogan

  10. Mike Hogan says:

    I do apologize for my oversights regarding my TBTB review, as I said before, I have a very limited time from when I first receive the album, to when the review is due, and so for a band that I’ve never heard before, it’s even more pressed, because I have to fit in some research in that limited amount of time. Everyone makes mistakes, and I admit mine, and I apologize. However, I am glad you agree that DTS is terrible hahaha.
    -Mike Hogan

  11. Matthew L. says:

    You give this a 0/10, but if a different band had produced the same album you’d have given it a higher score. That’s why this is a shit review. I don’t think they’re that good, but at least be fair.

  12. heylookaferrari says:

    He’s a friend of the band. That’s why he is all butt hurt. If you were a true friend, you wouldn’t be afraid to let them know they suck.

  13. Averagedude says:

    WTF! 0? seriously? ok they would of had to play nothing to get that score. a 1 is wht u mean and i still disagree. i went in with no hopes and thought the album would be super shit, i came back shocked and bought the album. they got some gems on there…..there are few things rough around the edges but as a whole i give it 7 out of 10 which is average, but destroyer and witch of the woods i give straight tens and trust me i expected this album to suck complete ass.

  14. your the member of  HATE bandwagon… ” try to appreciate and dont discriminate ” in fact your site is not credible to review any band album.. every musician has a different idea so who the hellare  you to write an article since your not a band member or a musician… since for the  1st time you know the reputation of this band but you still waste your time to review their album.. your biased……