REVIEW: The Cab – Symphony Soldier

Arist: The Cab
Album: Symphony Soldier
Genre: Pop Rock

The Cab have always done a great job of separating themselves from the cookie-cutter, faceless legion of pop rock bands that plague social media these days. They never “keep it simple” and (shocker) their vocalist can actually sing well without the use of technology which, by today’s standards, makes them nearly deserving of idol worship. Their debut, Whisper War, was a fun release, but in my opinion felt plagued by an inner battle to conform to the industry standard. Three years later, they’ve returned with new members, a new outlook, and an even more original take on modern pop with Symphony Soldier.

Alexander DeLeon is the kind of person some guys will hate, other dudes will get along with, and every guy’s lady will swoon over. He’s got you scene 101 good looks, but beyond that, he can write and sing about love in ways that will most likely floor you or leave you cursing the skies wondering why your creativity has never reached such heights. Even on the opening track, which is generally used to usher listeners into an experience, Deleon goes above and beyond, crooning about angels with shotguns while a club ready groove, coupled with sampled chants and arena-sized drum fills, grab you by the hand and carry you far, far away from whatever worldly troubles are bothering you. You’re in DeLeon and crew’s world now, might as well sit back and let them entertain you.

Few albums grab you with such heart-warming sensibilities as Symphony Soldier, especially right up front, but it’s really what follows that will (obviously) keep you coming back for more. The single, “Bad,” deserves to not only go platinum, but should also exceed the single sales of every other track released this year. Combining the group’s classic quick wit, with a near-Motown ready bass line and a hook made for sing-a-longs as well as dancefloors, it’s easily one of the most irresistible songs you’ll hear this year and surprisingly, it’s nowhere near the record’s strongest song. In fact, I’d dare say both “Endlessly” and “Animal,” the two songs that follow “bad,” are equally perfect pop tracks, but something about this one will echo in your head for weeks, if not months.

Whenever an albums opens as strong as Symphony Soldier, it’s hard to not anticipate the eventual dropoff. It could be due to filler or poor production or even simply having too many ballads, but generally speaking, any band that kicks off a record with 4-5 near perfect tracks are usually setting the listener up for a back half decline that I’d liken to driving off a cliff. However, this isn’t most albums and as anyone that has heard the record will tell you, The Cab couldn’t care less about the “popular opinion” or what the “majority” prefers. The energy and level of creativity established on the album’s opening tracks is only built upon and grown as we go deeper. From the Maroon 5-like “La La,” to the swirling violin-laced rock of “Another Me, and all the way to the end of the pitch-perfect closer “Live Louder,” The Cab take every risk they can and continually leave convention in the dust.

Three years is a long time for any band to go without releasing a record, especially in today’s hyper-active society, but I would gladly wait another three years if promised The Cab could create another record that rivals what they’ve accomplished with Symphony Soldier. All previous connections to the “scene” or any particular genre are no irrelevant as the group has emerged as one of the most diverse and universally accessible pop rock acts of the last decade. Their hooks are catchy, their style is unrivaled, and they’ve yet to release anything to could stunt their slow, but quickening rise to stardom. The future is bright and well deserved for The Cab. Well done.

Score: 9/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

Still not convinced to give this album a spin? Click below and stream the single, “Bad.”

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9 Responses to “REVIEW: The Cab – Symphony Soldier”

  1. Cabfan says:

    The expression is “COULD’NT care less”,and THEIR hooks are catchy, not “there”.
    But other than that a grate reevue

  2. Good catch(es)! Sometimes we miss things while trying to get articles out to the masses. 

    For future reference, my eyesight is perfectly fine so there is no NEED to RANDOMLY use CAPS to HELP explain your POINT. I can read without aggressive lettering telling me what is important.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great review! Love the album. :D

  4. Katherine Roush says:

    Love the review! Thank you so much! Oh, and I was brought here by Alex Deleon. :)

  5. Emily says:

    I am so incredibly proud of The Cab for this album. It is so amazing to see them get the recognition they deserve.

  6. Acoustickaylee says:


  7. Lovebugcourtney says:

    This band deserves success. Amazing.

  8. Kelly says:

    You give the album a 9/10 but don’t list anything that could have been done better – what’s keeping it from being a 10/10?

  9. Fiejfsjfisfijfijw says:

    There are magazines/website companies that don’t allow perfect reviews.. They want them to be hard to get and seeing as albums are generally one person’s opinion, they don’t want to be associated as an unreliable magazine because one person rated an album as good, when the general public seems to think otherwise. I remember reading something somewhere once that a magazine reviewer originally wanted to give an album a perfect rating but the magazine wouldn’t let them and he ended up giving the album 4/5 stars, however it was universally acclaimed and when the magazine revealed it’s “Top 10 albums of the 90’s” the rating was changed to 5/5.