Lil Wayne’s tour to undergo set list changes

Lil Wayne’s I Am Still Music tour is still undergoing some changes, specifically switching up the set list. With the release of Sorry 4 the Wait and Tha Carter IV, some mid-tour changes seemed inevitable.

Lil Wayne’s musical director Gil Smith said this about the changes concert-goers can expect to see:

“I think just in terms of the tour, we’ve been adding songs here and there. You gotta understand with Wayne, there is so much music. I mean, we can talk about ‘Tha Carter IV,’ and then we can sit down and have a different conversation about ‘Sorry 4 the Wait,’ which was a whole different thing that he put out. So it’s so much music. Even when we’re on the road, he’s releasing song after song, so we got to kind of find ways to incorporate that as we go along.”

After the extension of the tour back in May, Lil Wayne’s last show is scheduled to take place on September 11 in Woodlands, Texas.

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