Iggy Pop writing new material with The Stooges

Iggy Pop has revealed that he and James Williamson, the guitarist in his band The Stooges, have been writing new material together.

Ten tracks have been written and Iggy Pop confirms that they will continue to “keep writing,” although he refused to confirm whether or not the songs would be released as a studio album.

Last year, Iggy Pop revealed that he was thinking about recording new material with Williamson. He had this to say about working with him and his thoughts on the process:

“We started trading stuff by MP3 back and forth as soon as we started. We actually did get together this spring. He came to my house in Miami and we wrote 10 things. I think we like about half of them. We’ll keep writing. I think he’d like to make an album and I’d like to make more the score for an intelligent video game. So as far as what the former might be, I don’t know.”

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