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This week, Angie puts a spotlight on Wyatt Cenac and his latest release, Comedy PersonIf you or your comedy troupe would like to be featured on Stand-Up Tuesdays, please email

Wyatt Cenac is, indeed, a Comedy Person.

The Daily Show correspondent and King of the Hill writer/story editor released his debut album and DVD Comedy Person on August 23. The DVD boasts 25 extra minutes of the special that never made it to the televised version earlier this year, and there’s no more fitting name for a special that reminds you at all moments of what Cenac does best.

While Cenac fans are accustomed to seeing him provide hilarious updates on The Daily Show (along with numerous other television tidbits, such as this appearance on The Electric Company), Cenac’s first stand up recording proves just how talented he is when it comes to the funny.

Despite the CD opening with a slight fake-out by Daily Show cast mate John Hodgman, Cenac doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity to name-drop or mention The Daily Show once in his performance, instead relying solely on the strength and quality of his material.  Cenac’s love for television, however, is made apparent very quickly as he lashes out against those folks that don’t watch it.

“Before I could finish the guy cuts me off,” Cenac states, describing a scene at a party in which Cenac makes mention of the show CSI, “he’s like, I don’t watch TV, I have better things to do. But then I felt bad, because I thought, Oh – maybe he’s poor.”

Cenac is more than comfortable in front of a camera – something that translates quite well in Comedy Person, as there are virtually no fumbling pauses, no awkward transitions – Cenac’s comedy is very relaxed, effortless and perfectly timed.

Cenac offers contrasting views on many topics in his first Comedy Central special – touching upon things from Obama and the Tea Party to an adult birthday party at Medieval Times.

“I just get to sit there wearing a paper crown at a 30-year-old’s birthday party, next to a bunch of eleven-year-olds, at eleven-year-old parties,” Cenac quips, recalling having to attend his friend’s birthday at the dinner-and-a-show venue.

Comedy Person is a refreshing set by a comedian that we really need to see more of – while fans in New York City are privy to Cenac performances far more often than the rest of us, I can’t help but feel we need to get this man in front of fans nationwide on a much more frequent basis. His humor is sharp, intelligent, and snarky, but also has a healthy dose of silliness added that keeps one from feeling like Cenac has an agenda to sell.

With many less-skilled comedians shoved down our collective throats on a daily basis (here’s where I would have cited George Lopez a couple of months ago), it’s so refreshing to hear Cenac’s material and his unique and quirky views on life – he’s original, he’s likeable, and he most assuredly is a Comedy Person.

Pick up Comedy Person on DVD today and be prepared for many, many viewings.


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