Norma Jean are writing new material

norma jean

“Mega-News Update 1.0: Norma Jean is officially writing a new record!,” the band stated in an online statement. “We all gathered in Arkansas for the last couple of weeks to start building what will be our next LP. We are losing our minds for what is shaping so far from these sessions.”

The band also said:

“We also had the chance to demo the first five song blueprints at Insomniac Studios in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with Cory’s brother. Shooting for a mid 2012 release…Our direction is two colliding suns in sound form.”

Keep checking back to UTG for more news from the band and debut music!

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One Response to “Norma Jean are writing new material”

  1. I hope they keep up with their new style and don’t wuss out and just make crowd pleasers…  I think their new stuff is really good; complex musically and vocally –  But when i saw them play live they played almost no songs off the new record… How do you release a record and then not play any of it live?  Lame.