REVIEW: Late In The Playoffs – Everything I Know

Artist: Late In The Playoffs

Album: Everything I Know

Genre: Indie Pop

Every once in awhile an unknown band drops in your inbox and instantly grab your attention; and I don’t mean by some fancy hyped-up press release. When I heard “You Won’t” by Late In The Playoffs some months back, their radiant energy instantly won me over and got me interested in the Chicago group, so much to the point that I would mention them wherever possible.

Now with their debut EP, Everything I Know Late In The Playoffs showcase a sensible, smooth indie pop style that has urgently from the start as Aaron Goldschmidt’s laid back words ease you in on the title track, whilst the bands tight-knit sound adds to the sincerity and overall feel of the track leading up to sustain pay off with gorgeous guitar lines courtesy of Conor Page.

Next up is the finished version of “You Won’t” and thankfully it hasn’t lost that urgency the demo had. With neater production and more well-rounded tone, it’s a fine example of why you should be getting excited about Late In The Playoffs. From hearing “You Won’t,” you get the impression that the Chicago quartet love playing music and thrive off creating songs like this together. It’s energetic, lively yet finely structured and well-presented.

“New Directions” follows on with its sincere vocals and feel-good, fast energy. Whilst the “not quite a breakdown” breakdown, slightly spoils the tracks flowness, yet the band quickly get things back on track with an impressionable mix of vocal harmonies and a complimentary guitar tone that nicely closes the track.

The summery “Blue Eyes” is next with its light, airy opening with the pleasing line of, “If you like coffee and enjoy Motion City, then I can say you’re hardly new to my way life,” giving way to a steady-paced number that takes a sensible pop approach that is just satisfying to hear. Both structurally and lyrically, it just feels right and leaves you smiling.

“Waking Up (Is The Hardest)” rounds off the EP with its enchanting yet driving approach. Once again Goldschmidt’s vocals strongly stand out and ideally blend in brilliantly with the bands appealing sound, something that is consistent throughout.

For a debut EP, Everything I Know is flaw-less and it’s a clear indication there is something special about Late In The Playoffs. From these five songs, the Chicago group come off as a honest, sincere band who take great care in the music they make, yet at the same have fun whilst doing it.

Whilst it is more or less a perfect EP, it must be noted that the obvious comparisons to Mae and Motion City Soundtrack are at times heavily evident, yet the overall quality of these songs is not affected by this, as it is plain and simple Late In The Playoffs are certainly a band you should go and listen to, as it’s clear by this release that there potential is forever growing, and it’s no doubt that they’ll soon be a band that will be receiving plenty of attention, and it’s attention that is clearly justified.

SCORE: 9/10

Review written by: Sean Reid

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