Katy Perry Wants The Pop Crown, UTG Wants To Take Her Down

We’ve mentioned it before, but today Billboard is running an article on Katy Perry’s new single, “The One That Got Away.” This will be Perry’s sixth single from her 2010 album Teenage Dream and if it goes number one she will become the first musician in history to achieve six number ones from a single album.

This is not okay.

Earlier this year, Perry made headlines when a remix of “Last Friday Night” helped her fifth single make number one, tying the all time record set by Michael Jackson. Now take a moment and reflect on all the pop music that’s plagued the airwaves over the last few decades – Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Britney Spears, hell, not even New Kids On The Block could accomplish this, but the girl who kissed a girl and married the guy behind My Bookie Wookie can? Dammit America, what are you thinking?

We love to dance and bob our heads to half time beats as much as the next introverted music webzine staff, but come on, let’s not etch Katy Perry’s name atop the history of pop music success. Buy her albums, but let someone else have the number one spot.

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    agreed that b*tch  is annoyin