UTG EXCLUSIVE: Rocky Loves Emily – I’m Not A Dang Polar Bear, I’m A Human Being

Under The Gun Review could not be more excited to bring you the world premiere of Rocky Loves Emily‘s new Christmas single, “I’m Not A Dang Polar Bear, I’m A Human Being.”

Taking a new approach to writing a holiday song, “I’m Not A Dang Polar Bear, I’m A Human Being” showcases a softer, more acoustic side of Rocky Loves Emily. You can stream the song after the jump.

When asked to describe their motivation behind the song, guitarist Andrew Stevens responded, “We wrote I’m not a dang polar bear in Sean’s garage this Fall while it was still fairly nice weather [in Michigan]. We were just talking about how it would be cool to experience Christmas day somewhere warm on the beach because none of us ever have. What we tried to convey was that the only thing that really matters at Christmas time is having loved ones with you and celebrating for the right reasons. But honestly, I think the title of the song isn’t going to let me get too philosophical here.”

Vocalist Brandon Ellis added: “‘I’m not a dang polar bear’ was our attempt at writing a Christmas tune with a twist. Instead of glorifying the typical themes of the holiday season, we tried to shed some new light on the big day (and had a little fun in the process). Hope you dig it!”

Rocky Loves Emily will be embarking on their Secret Santa tour in the near future. Click here for a full list of tour dates.

If you love the song, please be sure to support Rocky Loves Emily and purchase the track on iTunes.

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3 Responses to “UTG EXCLUSIVE: Rocky Loves Emily – I’m Not A Dang Polar Bear, I’m A Human Being”

  1. Landon says:

    def. the maine inside of you… way to go johno.. i mean brandon

  2. Betsy says:

    this sucks

  3. xoKcarbabyxo says:

    It’s not terrible but it’s nothing new.