Ticketmaster Refunding All Customer Purchases Over The Past 12 Years

Have you or someone you know used Ticketmaster’s website to buy tickets between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011? If so, you’re in luck. However; you’re going to have to wait until May 29, 2012 to find out if the court will approve the settlement at a Final Approval hearing. Compensation will be issued after April 15, 2012.

This predicament could wind up costing the company out a generous amount of money. If less than $11.25 milllion, during the four year atonement period, is repaid to customers, the remaining funds will be donated to charity.

Due to Ticketmaster failing to declare that they profited off of “processing fees”, the company has found itself backed into a corner named “Class Action Settlement”. Ticketmaster is offering a credit of $1.50 per ticket order with a maximum refund limit of 17 orders per person. The original claim brought to the courts, filed in October of 2003, also accuses UPS’ price for expedited delivery as deceitful; with that being said, those falling under the UPS subclass can expect an additional $5.00 credit per ticket. The credits are in the form of vouchers which can be redeemed with a limit of two at a time.

Despite the prosecution, Ticketmaster is still able to profit off transactions as long as it is stated that they’re doing so on the website.

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