Lady Gaga Dreams Of Working With Woody Allen, UTG Hopes It Never Happens

Lady Gaga has been expressing herself in an ever-escalating ways throughout 2012, but it’s her latest comment that legitimately caught our attention.

Gaga has been blessed with financial success and that allows her to do pretty much whatever weird, “I’m an alien/crazy person/psycho/goddess/monster” related thing she desires. Now that she has pretty much peaked with the clip for “Marry The Night,” which involved Gaga exploring a plethora of odd fetishes, the pop singer must get even more creative (and less “shocking”) if she wants to keep hype alive. If she has her way, Woody Allen will help her do just that.

In a recent/upcoming interview with Ellen (recorded already, not yet aired), Gaga expresses that the one person she really wants to work with is Mr. Annie Hall himself. Click past the jump to hear hear discuss this desire with the talk show host.

Gaga may have decent directorial taste, but does anyone think it could actually happen? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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