MUSIC VIDEO: Blink-182 – After Midnight

Blink-182 have released the third music video off of their recent effort, Neighborhoods, called “After Midnight.” The video shows a couple of kids making the best out of a bad situation and end up having fun in the end. Leave it to these guys to really drive a meaningful point home.

Mark, Tom and Travis perform in a huge empty hanger and really capture the finer points of the actual song. Check out the music video right here and be sure to pick up Blink’s new album by heading over to iTunes.

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3 Responses to “MUSIC VIDEO: Blink-182 – After Midnight”

  1. Mag32 says:

    Love how tom winks at mark in the first verse

  2. Grant Trimboli says:

    Haha Now I see that! Thanks for pointing it out.