GIVE UP: Katy Perry’s “One That Got Away” Peaks On Chart, Decides To Release ANOTHER Remix

Dammit Katy Perry, I thought we talked about this (at least twice). Just because you want something does not mean you should, or ever will, have it.

As we have been covering for months, Katy Perry is still trying to claim the Guinness record for most #1 singles on a single album. She tied Michael Jackson with five in the fall and had hoped “The One The Got Away” would give her the all-important sixth hit, but the public just was not interested.

Never one to back down very easily, Perry and her team recruited Atlanta rapper B.o.B. for a remix of the track, which made its radio debut in mid-December. This “new” version helped carry the song to number three on the charts, but no higher, and the song soon began its tumble down. As of this post, “The One That Got Away” currently sits at number six on the Billboard charts.

This is where the story should end, with Perry recognizing “The One That Got Away” to be a slightly less beloved single and moving on, but of course that is not the case. Just this morning, Perry and her team released an ACOUSTIC version of “The One That Got Away” and yes, they are pushing the new version through to radio.

What does that mean for all of you? More than anything it means you have yet another version of “The One That Got Away” clogging the airwaves with an over-dramatic retelling of young love, but it also means you once again have the power to tell Katy Perry to shut the hell up and work on new material. Whatever you do, even if you like the song (which you can stream after the jump), please do not vote or further empower its success on the Billboard charts. Manipulating the system just so you an claim a crown that the public clearly does not want you to have is shameless and should be treated as such.

Please Katy, let it go.

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2 Responses to “GIVE UP: Katy Perry’s “One That Got Away” Peaks On Chart, Decides To Release ANOTHER Remix”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for saying what we all want to say. Go away Katie Perry. The purple hair isn’t going to work anymore. Your singing hurts my ears when you can’t hit the notes which is often. #1’s should be reserved for really good material. Please give up, go back in the studio and get to work.

  2. M_zargari says:

    This is annoying. MJ got his numbers ones honestly, fairly, justly… bc those songs are AMAZING. he didnt have to make remix after remix after remix in a pathetic attempt to appear successful. This is not the same. This is just Desperate.