T.I. Signs Trae Tha Truth To Grand Hustle

Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth has made it public knowledge that he has been signed onto T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records. It has also been confirmed that Trae’s imprint, ABN Ent., is now a part of the label as well. Congratulations on this successful signing!

Grand Hustle is distributed by Atlantic Records.

Now that Trae and T.I. are going to be working directly with one another does this mean we will hear new material from the two soon? We certainly hope so.

The Tweet and statements from T.I. and Trae on XXL can be read by simply looking below:
“@TIP: I’d Like To Welcome The Newest Member of The Grand Hustle Family “Trae Tha Truth” Yall Follow Him @TRAEABN”

T.I. stated:
“We’re gonna work alongside each other for a common goal and release this Trae tha Truth project,” T.I. said of the joint venture. “When cats [who are] cut from a certain cloth give their word and shake their hand, that’s what makes it a done deal — the ink is just a formality.”

Trae has this to say:
“The thing that kinda made me way more comfortable is he reached out more on a partner note to where it wasn’t about money, it wasn’t about none of that,” explained Truth. “It was about, ‘Look, we can team up or even if you doin’ your own thing, I’m just supporting what you got goin’, I want to see you make it.’ ”

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