UTG Photos: Sleeping With Sirens (3/3/12)

Under The Gun recently sent Head of Photography, Kellie Gannon, to the Sleeping With Sirens “Let’s Tour To This” Tour.

When you arrive at a venue and stand in the crowd awaiting a band, there are a certain amount of expectations and increasing anticipation abuzz in the crowd surrounding you.  As the band takes the stage, your emotions increase and body begins to move with the music.  You soak in each note, every lyric, and get drawn into the performance start to finish.  If it just so happens to be a band you’ve seen before, it is always an incredible feeling when their set turns out to be even better than the last time you saw them.  And this was exactly the case Saturday, March 3rd at Peabody’s in Cleveland.  Sleeping With Sirens headlined with support from Secrets and Abandon All Ships.

Secrets is a post-hardcore screamo band from San Diego and came out strong with a unique sound, full of energy, while engaging with the crowd and creating their own brand of chaos.  A lot of jumping, bouncing, screaming, and all around rocking out took place and got the crowd amped up for Abandon All Ships.  Unfortunately, Abandon All Ships didn’t make it to the show until after their set time and instead played after Sleeping With Sirens.

Sleeping With Sirens took the stage after the extended break between sets and it is always immediately apparent from the first notes of “Do It Now, Remember It Later” that vocalist Kellin Quinn knows how to work his magic on the crowd.  His charm, smile, and all around positive energy are apparent and abundant as SWS’ unique sound reverberates throughout the sold out venue.  The last time SWS graced the stage at Peabody’s was opening for Alesana in October and a mere five months later are headlining their own incredible tour.  SWS produce nothing but excellent songs, hardcore beats and breakdowns, catchy lyrics, and their sound only intensifies live onstage.  Mid-set they played two acoustic songs, then launched back into their set full force, ending with a two-song encore, including “If You Can’t Hang” and “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn.”

Check out all the photos from this tour below and be sure to catch Sleeping With Sirens in a town near you soon!


Sleeping With Sirens

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