Under The Gun sent Head of Photography, Kellie Gannon, to photograph Pop Evil on their current tour.

Never one to turn down an opportunity to travel or see a show outside of Cleveland, I found myself on the wide open road, well, technically a few freeways & the Turnpike, on my way to Pittsburgh, PA.  Pittsburgh has an array of venues and I finally got the chance to check out Stage AE, American Eagle’s gorgeous multi-level venue featuring one outdoor and two indoor stages, right next to the river in the heart of Pittsburgh.  Thursday, March 15th, Pop Evil graced the stage at Stage AE, with incredible supporting acts, Otherwise & Lansdowne.

Lansdowne, hailing from Boston, hit the stage first and despite lead vocalist Jon Ricci being a bit under the weather he put on an undeniably energetic and unforgettable show.  The guys in Lansdowne have an unparalleled chemistry onstage and off and it is easy to see how that energy is transferred into a flawless, fun show for their fans.  They set the mood for the evening, playing hits off their debut album “Blue Collar Revolver” and owning the stage, generating new fans and making existing fans fall in love with these guys all over again.

Otherwise hit the stage next, and these guys from Las Vegas proved they know how to party.  Rarely was there a moment where their feet were planted on the ground at the same time.  Jumping, spinning, and all around moving relentlessly made these guys the standout band of the night.  Their debut album, “True Love Never Dies” is a testament to life, love, and loss, and they performed these songs to the fullest.  Ending their set with crowd favorite “Soldiers,” vocalist Adrian Patrick along with the rest of the band made a lasting impression on everyone in the crowd.

Pop Evil was the much anticipated headliner of the night.  These rockers from Michigan came out in full force and soon every foot in the venue was tapping along with the beat.  During their almost hour and a half set we were treated to a wide vocal range from lead vocalist Leigh Kakaty, as well as brilliant and, at times, just-plain-insane drumming from Chachi Riot.  Pop Evil has been touring relentlessly for some time now, playing over 400 shows in just two years.  Their impressive resilience has made them a staple within the rock scene, and they played songs off their new album, “War Of Angels” intermixed with tunes from their debut album, “Lipstick On The Mirror.”  Mid-set, Leigh brought out an acoustic guitar and slowed down the pace for a few songs, then picked right back up with full energy for songs like “Monster You Made.”  Be sure to catch Pop Evil, Otherwise, and Lansdowne soon in a city near you, and be sure to check out all the photos below!

Stage AE Pittsburgh



Pop Evil

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