Radiohead Coachella 2012 Performance

Radiohead graced the main stage of Coachella yesterday and their appearance was truly one in a million.

From an abstract stage performance, lighting setup, and two hour set time, this group was easily one of the best we have seen so far from the event. Their timing is exceptional and the effects of the instruments are unmatched.

Please click through to watch Radiohead’s ENTIRE performance and be sure to comment with your thoughts. The official set list can also be viewed past the jump.

Set list:
1. Bloom (1:05)
2. 15 Step (7:30)
3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (11:40)
4. Morning Mr Magpie (17:25)
5. Staircase (22:40)
6. The Gloaming (27:20)
7. Pyramid Song (31:10)
8. Daily Mail (36:30)
9. Myxomatosis (40:15)
10. Karma Police (45:15)
11. Identikit (50:30)
12. Lotus Flower (54:30)
13. There There (59:55)
14. Bodysnatchers (1:05:40)
15. Idioteque (1:10:00)

Encore 1
16. Lucky (1:17:20)
17. Reckoner (1:21:50)
18. After the Gold Rush intro, Everything In Its Right Place (1:27:25)

Encore 2
19. Give Up the Ghost (1:37:20)
20. Paranoid Android (1:43:04)

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2 Responses to “Radiohead Coachella 2012 Performance”

  1. AustinBrock says:

    Should have been this one

  2. UrBlackSwan33 says:

    The crowd at Coachella didn’t seem at all enthusiastic…I know when they played at Bonnaroo ’06, everyone flipped out and the vibe was spectacular; I was there, I contributed to this vibe. This year they’re going to get the good ol’ southern hospitality welcome at Bon. Hey, Radiohead, if you’re reading this then get ready for us crazies (Leaman party from Atlanta) to scream our heads off and get the whole place singing, dancing, and writhing with passion. We love you!! For Forever. Please don’t ever stop doing you thing, you keep us all alive. 
       Atlanta and the rest of your cronies!!!