Marvel’s The Avengers continues to reign supreme for the second weekend in a row, continuing to break all sorts of records. This weekend the superhero flick tops the box office numbers for a second weekend in a row, beating out Avatar for the record for best second weekend ticket sales. Dark Shadows opened at the number two slot, proving that people would rather see a superhero movie again than sit through yet another Tim Burton movie staring Johnny Depp with a creepy vibe. Surprisingly Girl In Progress grabbed a top ten spot this weekend, which is great for a movie that opened in less that 350 theaters. You can see the full top ten list and how much they made after the jump.

  1. The Avengers ($103,100,000)
  2. Dark Shadows ($20,800,000)
  3. Think Like A Man ($6,300,000)
  4. The Hunger Games ($4,400,000)
  5. The Lucky One ($4,000,000)
  6. The Pirates! Band of Misfits ($3,200,000)
  7. The Five-Year Engagement ($3,100,000)
  8. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ($2,600,000)
  9. Chimpanzee ($1,600,000)
  10. Girl In Progress ($1,300,000)
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