Owl City Reveals Album Artwork For ‘The Midsummer Station’

Owl City finally received enough Facebook shares to unlock his upcoming album artwork for The Midsummer Station and it is pretty intricate!

The Midsummer Station is due to hit stores and everywhere on August 14 so please be sure to keep an eye out for further updates from Under The Gun Review! Simply click through the jump to view the cover artwork for Owl City’s new album and let us know what you think of it.

For future touring dates and more information on OC please head to his official Facebook account.

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2 Responses to “Owl City Reveals Album Artwork For ‘The Midsummer Station’”

  1. Vote 4 Pedro says:

    Very cool!  It evokes a good deal of the complexity and whimsy of his music!

  2. Clemmlau says:

    I am sooooooo fucking EXCITEEEDDD