The Ataris Almost Done

It feels like the alt-music news community has been posting about the Ataris being “almost done” with their sixth album, ​The Graveyard of the Atlantic​ , for three years. With that being said, take the following declaration by the Atartis’ front-man and CEO, Kris Roe, with a grain of salt.

In an interview with AMP Magazine, Roe confirmed that he will be finishing up vocals on the final seven songs on The Graveyard of the Atlantic​. Roe also states that all the music is recorded. Hit up the jump to read a clip of Roe’s statement.

Kris Roe told AMP Magazine,

But for the album, in May/June I am going back into the studio to finish the vocals for the seven remaining songs. Currently all the music is done. We have a lot of songs recorded and I think that we have a lot of really good songs and I think we have a lot of leftover songs that will be for a few 7 inches and bonus tracks for the future. Our goal is to get the record out this summer with Paper + Plastick Records.

Like I stated, this is not necessarily new news. Alas, it is nice to have another confirmation that the Ataris are still focused on the new record.

The Graveyard of the Atlantic ​will be the Ataris’ first record since 2007’s ​Welcome the Night​ , a record that turned-off many long-time fans and seemed to be the last nail in the coffin of the Anderson, Indiana quartet. Alas, Roe reshuffled the lineup and the Ataris have soldiered on. We shall see if The Graveyard of the Atlantic​ is the return to pop-punk form many have yearned for.

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