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Misser, the indie pop-punk side project of Transit’s Tim Landers and This Time Next Year’s Brad Wiseman, may be relatively new, but they are certainly turning heads. With the release of their debut record, Every Time I Tell Myself I’m Going to Be a Better Person, via Rise Records, the duo are poised for even larger audiences.

However, many have been wondering how the pop-punkers came together to form Misser in the first place. Well, our friends over at AbsolutePunk.net sat down with Landers and Wiseman and found out that answer, along with some other sweet information. Check out a snit-bit of the interview after the jump.

Tim had Misser going with a four-song cassette by himself before Brad became a part of the band. How did this come about – did Brad bring it up originally, or was it an invitation from Tim? Tell that story if you can remember it.

Brad: Tim and I met years ago, we kept in touch and have always tossed around the idea of being in a band together. I don’t remember the actually who brought up the idea. It all came together on a drunken day off tour in Walnut Creek, CA.

Tim: Misser started as my means of venting- girls, friends with drug problems, my own problems, everyday hate- you name it. I never wrote songs for me to sing, I always wrote music for Transit. This was the first time I stepped outside of that. I recorded that tape with Dan Rose, whom was interning for Jay Mass (Dan actually plays in Daybreaker, whom will be playing our first two shows). We finished tracking and Jay was going to mix and master the songs, but something happened and all the project files got deleted from his computer. So I was left, extremely discouraged, with terribly unfinished songs. It took a lot of blind confidence for me to finally start this project, so I was really reluctant to move forward. A few months later I just put the songs online, on a whim. A few supporters sent me messages over time, asking for the songs – and I emailed them to a couple people. Justin later approached me with the idea of having Lost Tape put the songs out on cassette. So, I gave him three of the six tracks, alongside an acoustic cover of Archers of Loaf’s “Web in Front” I recorded on garage band.

I do actually remember the moment Brad and I decided to collaborate on the project. We were sitting outside of Mr. William Levy’s house, smoking and shooting the shit. I had a guitar in hand, and we were talking about our bands. Somebody did the cliche, “how fun would it be if we started a band?” thing. I told him about Misser, and the songs I had. We were both into the idea of playing music together. I emailed him the songs a few weeks later. The next time I was in California, we tracked the Problems. Problems. Problems. EP, which features re-vamped, re-recorded versions of three of the six songs I tracked in the original sessions.


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