All Time Low & the Wedding Crashers

One of the more disturbing (and, well, passionate) displays of fanaticism in recent memory happened a couple days ago when a fan of the pop-rock quartet, All Time Low, crashed a wedding that the members were attending. Well, the bride of the wedding was not pleased with said fan and her accomplice. So, the bride did what any 21st Century newlywed would do if someone tried that stunt: took to Tumblr to pen an open letter.

The crasher was claiming to be the bride’s cousin. Oddly enough, she was never kicked out of the wedding.

Take the jump to read the open letter (with pictures!) from the bride to the wedding crashers:

An open letter to the girl in the picture (and her friend),

I rarely voice opinions on the internet.  Especially ones that aren’t positive in nature.  I don’t whine and complain about every little thing I see and don’t like.  I choose to carry myself this way for a couple of reasons.  One of those reasons is so that when something really pisses me off and I put it out there for others to read, that piece of writing can be taken 100% seriously.

This is that piece of writing.

I can’t begin to express my disappointment and feeling of violation when I saw the photo posted above.  The photos are of you and assorted members of All Time Low.  I won’t mention your name only because I don’t know it.  I also don’t know why you are at my wedding.

You were not invited to my wedding.  My wedding.  A day I’ve spent a lifetime wanting and over a year planning.  A day that my family spent a very decent amount of money that they work incredibly hard to earn.  A day for friends and family to celebrate something beyond special.  Lying to my guests that you’re “Katie’s cousin” (I don’t even go by Katie) doesn’t make you a part of my family.  The fact that I have no clue who you are means you don’t fall into the friends category either. The fact that you helped yourself to a drink at the open bar is literally an act that is beyond my comprehension.  Moral of the story, you weren’t on the guest list.  But we both know that.

The sense of entitlement it requires to show up at someone’s wedding you weren’t invited to because there are guests there that you would like to have your picture taken with truly blows my mind.  In addition to an above average sense of entitlement, you would have to be pretty selfish.  Selfish to the point of having zero consideration for other’s feelings on a day that above any other, isn’t about you.  This isn’t bumping into a band member at Chipotle and asking for a picture.  This is showing up to someone’s wedding, dressing up to fool people into thinking you belong there, lying, interrupting guests that are trying to enjoy their evening, then running home to post your trophy pic  and hot gossip on Tumblr.  It’s not cute.  I’m not happy for you.  It’s childish and rude.

I would guess that you are most likely young and unmarried.  I have to think that.  I doubt you had malicious intentions, but doing what you did trivializes the day.  You treated the most important day of our lives like a photo op. It’s just so important to think about how your actions affect others.  If you don’t think about how doing something might affect someone else, you might just not have the life experience to remind you to be cognizant of it.  If you think (even for a split second) that what you are doing might hurt someone and you do it anyways….wow.  That just makes me sad.

So many ATL fans showed their support of our wedding and marriage on Twitter, Tumblr, etc.  Some even sent gifts.  I feel so humbled and grateful for the kindness shown.  I understand you probably didn’t show up to ‘crash’ my wedding.  You didn’t cause a scene and create an issue that completely ruined our evening.  You did hurt my feelings though.  Kind of a lot.  Whether this was done by accident or on purpose, it happened.

I am asking for an apology. From you and the friend that was with you.  I think it’s fair.

I’ve spent time thinking about this.  Contemplated letting it go, but I just wasn’t able to.  If you happen to be reading this and do want to apologize, get ahold of me.  It’s 2012.  I’m sure you can figure out how.  Doing so means we are totally cool. If you want to use this open letter as a catalyst to propagate negativity, it will be completely ignored by me and all of my friends.

I hope you guys do the right thing.

Michael McCarron
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